Notting Hill Yoga is a beautiful, light and airy yoga studio minutes from Notting Hill Gate. We provide expert instruction in classical yoga: if you are a beginner, we will teach you yoga properly, from scratch; if you have dabbled, we will fine-tune your technique; and if you are adept, we will take your practice to the next level with a fun, challenging medley of Iyengar rigour and Astanga energy. Class sizes are limited to six, making this the closest you'll find to private yoga tuition for the price of a group yoga class. We run two of these classes a week: Beginner Yoga on Friday Mornings and Intermediate Yoga on Monday mornings.

Notting Hill Yoga's teacher, Sarah, started practising yoga as a teenager, undertaking her first formal teacher training in 2010 in Vinyasa yoga. She received three years of intensive and meticulous teacher training from a well-respected Iyengar yogi; then studied Astanga yoga with Hamish Hendry. She now enjoys attending classes, seminars and workshops in diverse styles, gleaning ideas and inspiration to keep her own yoga lessons and practice fun and up to date.